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Lou’s Service Centre is also your outboard and

Nissan & Tohatsu Outboard Motors

“Technology for the Next Generation”


If you are looking for an innovative and high performance, yet environmentally friendly outboard motor, look no further then Nissan & Tohatsu Outboard Motors. From their line of low emission Direct Injection two-stroke outboard motors, to their Four Stroke Outboards, to Tohatsu’s innovative Jet Drive Model that can get into places traditional propellor outboards just can’t. Lou’s is a Nissan Tohatsu Outboard Motor Dealer and Parts and Service centre.

Navigloo Boat Shelter

“The Ultimate Boat Shelter System”

When the summer fun is over and you need to store your watercraft most storage solutions Navigloo is a modular protection system designed for winterizing pleasure crafts, pontoon boats and fishing boats. Its interchangeable parts adapt easily to most flat-bottomed watercrafts, so you don’t need a new shelter if you buy a new boat!


  • Everything comes in one box!
  • Assembles in 30 minutes without tools!
  • Fits Watercraft from 14 to 23 feet
  • Takes very little storage space
  • Strong and secure to resist even the harshest weather

What’s included?

  • A set of highly resistant telescopic tubes that forms the frame
  • A high-quality tarpaulin to protect the watercraft from bad weather
  • Straps and attachmentsto secure the frame to the watercraft
  • One Navigloo storage bag

Triton Trailers

At the end of the day haul it away with Triton Trailers!