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2022 Argo Conquest Pro 800 XT-X

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Conquest Pro 800 XT-X

The job has to get done. No excuses. Nature will have its way with you unless you come prepared. Swamps, water, mud, rocks, snow, ice, logs and ravines will make your job very challenging. The unstoppable power of ARGO Conquest Pro 800 XT-X removes the guessing game about getting to your job site or not, especially when you're hauling important tools, equipment and gear in the power dump box. And with the new Instant Torque Clutch (ITC) technology paired with the Admiral transmission you're in for a smooth and comfortable ride.

To provide additional peace of mind for teams, our Roll-Over Protection Structure adds safety when driving up, down or through challenging terrain. Protect your natural resources like time and personal energy by dominating unknown pitfalls and difficult job sites. When you do, you’ll save precious daylight hours, money and your sanity.

Conquest Pro 800 XT-X
Sale Type
Green/Black/Industrial Yellow
ARGO XT119 25X12-9
65 in (1,651 mm)
80.5 in (2,045 mm)
2,252 lb (1,021 kg)
1 Year
Fuel System
Fuel Capacity
8.5 gal (32 L)
Service Brakes
Steering Brakes
Towing Capacity
2,000 lb (907 kg)
Ground Clearance (Tires)
9 in (228 mm)
Ground Clearance (Tracks)
10.0 in (254 mm)
Ground Pressure (18" RUBBER TRACKS)
1.06 psi (7.3 kPa)
Length (includes Winch When Standard)
125 in (3,175 mm)

2022 Argo Conquest Pro 800 XT X 800 Series

Conquest 800 XTVs are powered by a dependable V-twin 4-stroke EFI gas engine putting out 30 horsepower. This liquid-cooled engine is designed with electric fuel injection (EFI) for sure starts and automatic air- and temperature compensation in all climate conditions and higher altitudes.

2022 Argo Conquest Pro 800 XT X Instant Torque Clutch (ITC)

The new ARGO Instant Torque Drive System (ITDS) dramatically improves low-end torque and increases acceleration. The new Instant Torque Clutch (ITC) is designed to provide the optimal gear ratio shifting seamlessly throughout the full range to utilize the massive torque and power of our engines.

Coupling the new Instant Torque Clutch (ITC) with our Admiral or Classic transmission will increase the torque by 28% compared to our previous clutches with a High Torque (HT) transmission and will increase acceleration by 25% compared to our previous clutches with a Standard Torque (ST) transmission, providing you with increased torque and acceleration into one package.

2022 Argo Conquest Pro 800 XT X Admiral Transmission

The Admiral transmission uses complex gearing, including dual differentials on the output shafts. When steering, the braking force is not applied to the output shafts but to a steering differential, which translates to a vastly different driving experience.

While steering in high gear, the output shafts rotate at a 3:1 ratio, yielding smoother, gentler steering events. Selecting low range enables operation similar to a traditional skid steer vehicle offering a zero-radius turn.

2022 Argo Conquest Pro 800 XT X Reduced Underhood Temperature

To ensure comfort for the operator and passengers, heat-reflective and absorptive material is integrated into the firewall. A composite exhaust shroud goes one step further and effectively redirects heat while producing a subtle note from the exhaust.

2022 Argo Conquest Pro 800 XT X AirLock Rims & Tires

The ARGO signature AirLock™ steel and aluminum rims allow operators to adjust tire pressure to the terrain. The AirLock feature keeps the tire firmly fixed to the rim in rugged terrain while providing a 30% smoother ride.

ARGO low-pressure tires are custom engineered to provide propulsion for the vehicle when used amphibiously or to provide superior traction when off-roading in challenging terrain.

2022 Argo Conquest Pro 800 XT X Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS)

For unpredictable and extreme terrain, add additional protection for your ARGO XTV. Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS) provides additional peace of mind when the terrain gets hairy.

2022 Argo Conquest Pro 800 XT X Power Dump Box

The Conquest Pro XT-X solid steel power dump box can move bulk loads with a capacity of 1,000 lbs. (450 kg).

2022 Argo Conquest Pro 800 XT X Auto Chain Lubrication

Simplifying routine maintenance, the auto chain lubrication disperses oil automatically onto your machine’s chain driven system at intervals of 5 seconds every 60 minutes of operation. This process alleviates the need to manually grease your chains at scheduled intervals while providing satisfactory lubrication at all times.

2022 Argo Conquest Pro 800 XT X Winch and Brushguard

Pulling power for when you need it most. The 4,500-lb WARN winch mounts on the front of your ARGO brushguard to assist with high-angle extractions of equipment or debris.